9 Pillar for Transforming India by the Finance Minister in India’s Budget of 2016-17


Some Key Highlights of the Budget 2016-17: 1                 Agriculture/farm and welfare          Rs.86500 Cr on Irrigation in a span of around 5 yrs          Rs 35,984 Cr allocated for Agriculture in 2016-17 2                 Rural Sector         100% Rural Electrification by 2018         Rs 87,765 […]

What is Copywriting?


Copywriting is the art of writing copy. Traditionally copywriting involved mostly of sales and marketing messages, radio and TV script writing and continuity writing. While all that applies today in with the use of the Internet. The scope of copywriting has increased multiple folds. The words used on web pages, ads, promotional materials, and that sells […]

The Greener Energy – Solar Power from Sunlight

Sunlight based Solar Energy. A renewable power, an origin of energy, is a standout amongst the most freely accessible sources on Earth. Constantly being a source wellspring of energy, it needs upgrading to capacity or additional energy source. Despite the fact, that sunlight-based energy structure works these days having low normal efficiencies. Because of the […]